Kim Jong-un Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 Billion
Source of wealth:


Full Name Kim Jong-un
Birth Place Pyongyang, North Korea
Date of Birth Jan 08, 1983 (age 36)
Nationality North Korea
Ethnicity Korean
Occupation Politician
Marital Status Married (Ri Sol-ju)
Education Kim Il-sung Military University,
Hobbies Playing and watching basketball, Collecting Nike shoes, Horseback riding
Last Updated
Aug 28, 2015

About Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of North Korea. He is the son of Kim Jong-il, and the grandson of Kim Il-sung. He was declared the supreme leader following the state funeral of Kim Jong-il on 28 December 2011.

According to joint South Korean and American investigation reports, Kim Jong-un’s net worth is $5 billion. This includes assets and bank accounts controlled by him and his family members. This estimate was arrived at in the year 2013. Assets were found in more than 200 foreign bank accounts worldwide in nations like Lichtenstein, Austria, Singapore, Russia, Switzerland, China and Luxembourg.

Kim Jong Un Net Worth

Many of the accounts controlled by Kim Jong-un are in Chinese banks. These accounts contain hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. In 2013, Kim Jong-un’s wife Ri Sol-ju was spotted carrying a Dior handbag worth $1,594. Kim Jong-un is infamous for his extravagant taste and lavish lifestyle. He has reportedly spent more than $700 million in just one year.

Many people are of the opinion that North Korea government insiders are involved in manufacturing illicit drugs, counterfeiting American currencies and cigarettes.

While Kim Jong-un and his family are worth around $5 billion, an average citizen of North Korea makes only around $1,500 per year. Ri Sol-ju’s handbag is worth more than this amount.