Irv Gotti Net Worth

Net Worth: $15 Million
Source of wealth:

Music Production

Full Name Irving Domingo Lorenzo, Jr
Birth Place Queens, New York
Date of Birth Jun 26, 1970 (age 49)
Nationality United States of America
Ethnicity African American
Occupation Record Producer
Marital Status single
Children three
Last Updated
May 31, 2016

About Irving Domingo Lorenzo, Jr


Irv Gotti Net Worth 

With a net worth of $15 million, Irv Gotti is the producer behind musicians such as Vanessa Carlton, Ja Rule and Jay Z. Gotti was one of the producers for Heroes and Thieves, the third album put out by Vanessa Carlton.

In addition, Nicki Minaj confessed to that the inspiration for her hit song “Moment For Life” came from Gotti. The song was famously used in a Pepsi commercial that Minaj starred in. The Pepsi commercial was an important aspect of her “Live For Now” campaign.

Legal Struggles

Gotti’s record label, The Inc, was investigated in 2004 based on allegations that a drug kingpin in New York City, Kenneth McGriff, was laundering money using the label. Though both Gotti and his brother surrendered to authorities in early 2005 as a result, they both insisted they, and the record label, were innocent. The brothers got released in exchange for a $1 million bail but McGriff went on trial for the crime. A federal prosecutor gave an opening statement in court that accused the brothers of laundering drug money through the record label’s corporate bank account. The federal prosecutor alleged that McGriff, a known drug dealer, sent bags of cash to the office of The Inc. McGruff obtained $280,000 from the record label in the form of several bank checks. McGriff was accused of protecting the record label because it allowed him to funnel $1 million worth of drug money. In late 2005, the Gotti brothers were officially deemed not guilty in the case. If convicted Irv and his brother would have faced a prison sentence of up to 20 years. As a result of these legal struggles The Inc parted ways with its parent company, Universal Records, in 2009 and hasn’t moved on. This was when Irv Gotti Net Worth had finally reached a collective $15 million.