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Sara Mota de Larrea Net Worth

Net Worth: $10.3 Billion
Source of wealth:


Full Name Sara Mota de Larrea
Birth Place Mexico
Date of Birth
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Mexican
Marital Status
Last Updated
Oct 18, 2018

About Sara Mota de Larrea

Mexican businesswoman and entrepreneur, Sara Mota de Larrea, who is Mexico’s richest woman, has an estimated net worth of $10 billion, which slightly rose to $10.3 billion as of October 2018, according to Bloomberg. De Larrea is the widow of Jorge Larrea and owns 36% of Grupo Mexico which is the world’s 7th biggest copper manufacturer. Her family runs Mexico’s largest railroad business and oil-drilling firm. In 1999, Grupo Mexico purchased Southern Copper’s parent company Asarco for $2.2 billion. In 2012, more than 800,000 tons of copper, 90,000 tons of zinc, and 63,000 ounces of gold were acquired from Grupo Mexico. Sara Mota de Larrea and her son German control 51% of the company that has been weighed down by attacks and was engaged in numerous court cases. However, despite the controversial matters, the firm still provides lucrative profit for the billionaire. In 2012, the raw material manufacturing company grossed more than $10 billion and a net income of over $2 billion. Grupo Mexico consists of three major units: Americas Mining Corporation which runs in Mexico, Peru, and the USA, Infraestructura y Transportes Mexico which holds two railroads, and a 30% stake in airport operator Grupo Aeroportuariodel Pacifico.