Rochelle Carnes Net Worth

Net Worth: $20 Million
Source of wealth:


Full Name Rochelle Carnes
Birth Place United States
Date of Birth
Nationality American
Occupation Businesswoman, Reality TV personality
Marital Status
Last Updated
Aug 7, 2015

About Rochelle Carnes

American businesswoman and reality TV star Carnes Rochelle has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Carnes Rochelle’s sudden rise to fame has largely been associated with the A & E reality show in which she featured with husband Carnes Trent as well as their four kids. The unscripted slate, follows the lifestyle of Rochelle Carnes and her family, based in Johnson City, Texas.

The family which currently resides in Johnson City Texas came into huge wealth when they sold a property which have oil. Rochelle has made it her goal to keep the family in the limelight by working hard to preserve the family’s wealth. Like famous rich families, the Rochelles enjoy expensive rides and vacation trips around the globe. This not withstanding, the millionaire family still live in their home which they have been occupying for a long time, and have not moved or purchased a fantasy mansion. Their kids are also doing very well for themselves, Jake 17,Luke 14,Dade 9 and Tate 8. She spend most of her days cooking for the small army, managing her parents and being a great mom. Rochelle looks forward to molding the boys into responsible men and she is determined to keep everyone humble.