Mohamed Hassan Bensalah

Mohamed Bensalah Net Worth

Net Worth: $700 Million
Source of wealth:

Financial Services

Full Name Mohamed Hassan Bensalah
Birth Place Berkane, Morocco
Date of Birth
Nationality Moroccan
Ethnicity Moroccan
Occupation Businessman
Marital Status Married
Children 2
Education Université de la Sorbonne (M.A.), École des Cadres de Paris
Last Updated
Sep 4, 2015

About Mohamed Hassan Bensalah

Moroccan businessman Mohamed Bensalah has an estimated net worth of $700 million as of 2015, according to Forbes. Bensalah is chairman and CEO of Groupe Holmarcom which was founded by his father Abdelkader Bensalah.

Mohamed BensalahMohamed was born in 1970 in Berkane, Morocco. He earned his BA degree from French mission in Morocco and Masters in Management (Finance) from the Sorbonne University and the School of Managers in Paris.

Bensalah took over Groupe Holmarcom upon his father’s death in 1993; he continues to be the CEO of the group. Today Groupe Holmarcom is a large conglomerate with interests in finance, distribution, air transport, logistics, agro and housing. It operates through five business divisions.

Groupe Holmarcom has stakes in leading Moroccan insurer Atlanta, water bottler Oulmes, and airline Air Arabia Maroc. It has around 30 percent stake in Atlanta, making the insurer its single largest holding.

Bensalah is also the President of the Moroccan Federation of Insurance Companies; Member of the Board of the CGEM and Casablanca Finance City; Member of the Supervisory Council of the BMCI (Group BNP Paribas) and Credit Agricole; and Member of the Board of Directors of CIH (CDG Group).

Mohamed Bensalah is married and has two children. His mother and three sisters hold positions within Groupe Holmarcom.