Johnny Galecki Net Worth

Net Worth: $35 Million
Source of wealth:


Full Name John Mark "Johnny" Galecki
Birth Place Bree, Belgium
Date of Birth Apr 30, 1975 (age 44)
Nationality American
Ethnicity Polish, Irish, Italian
Occupation Actor
Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Marital Status Single
Last Updated
Jul 21, 2015

About John Mark "Johnny" Galecki

The Big Bang Theory Salary Per Episode: $1 Million

Johnny GaleckiJohnny Galecki is a Belgian-born American actor with an estimated net worth of $35 million. Born John Mark Galecki on April 30, 1975 in Bree, Belgium. Galecki began his career in acting started in the 1987 film Murder Ordained. Galecki has appeared in several film and television series like Christmas Vacation (1989), Suicide Kings (1997), I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), Bookies (2003), Hancock (2008), In Time (2011), and Roseanne from 1992 to 1997.

Johnny Galecki’s big break came in 2007, playing Dr. Leonard Hofstadter in the CBS hit series The Big Bang Theory. Due to the tremendous success of the show among fans and viewers, Galecki has earned much of her fortune from the show. At the beginning of the show Galecki was earning just $60,000 per episode, this remained true throughout the show’s first three seasons. When the fourth season of The Big Bang Theory began the main stars were being paid $200,000 for each episode filmed. When the seventh season started, each of the main cast members was earning a salary of $350,000 for every episode filmed. However, the main stars campaigned for a raise from $350,000 per episode to $1 million for each episode. On August 4, 2014 it was confirmed that Cuoco, Parsons, and Galecki will be earning $1 million each per episode.



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